Getting Started | Non-Coding Roles

Non-Coding Roles

Even if you have no interest in coding, there is plenty of work to do. Yay, work! We need people with all sorts of non-coding skills to make our projects successful. Below are some examples of roles that you could fill.

If you find one you like, send an email to and share your interests.

Social Media & Engagement Advocate


  • Tweet about OpenSMC and Civic Hacking through our twitter handle
  • Post to and greet new members
  • Manage the OpenSMC blog, press releases, and general announcements

Partnerships & Community Organizer


  • Coordinate outreach to local city and county governments, in addition to community organizations
  • Communicate project progress to stakeholder groups and solicit feedback
  • Engage community groups in project design and project utilization

Copy Writer


  • Write enticing, elegant text for our applications and webpages

Graphic Designer


  • Design beautiful frameworks, icons, and interfaces for our applications and websites