Few things have wider implications for our personal and community sustainability than what we eat and where it comes from. To encourage more residents to “grow where you are.” OpenSMC has partnered with Sustainable San Mateo County to help San Mateo County residents understand more about how they can participate in hyperlocal agriculture by keeping bees, chickens and other animals, and growing gardens on their residential property. The project is called 3B’s: Birds, Bees, and Beans.

Take a look at the 3B’s site and search for your address or city within San Mateo County. Clicking on the residential zoning boundary for your area of interest will help you find out more about what activities are allowed with regard to local agriculture. You can also browse through specific cities or view all of San Mateo County at once. Make sure to click on the city details and city zoning codes for detailed information, vetted by each city, about allowed uses.

3B’s is one of the most recent projects to be developed by OpenSMC, a Code for America Brigade. We are a volunteer group of technologists, government employees, and civic-minded citizens, coming together to work on a variety of solutions to help the residents of San Mateo County. We are always looking for more people and ideas to advance that goal, so if you would like to play a part, regardless of your technical or civic experience, we invite you to join us at one of our weekly hack nights in Redwood City.